Sweating manikin with walking stand

Sweating Manikin With Walking Stand

Sweating hand manikin

Sweating Hand Manikin 


Human Solution Vitus 3D Body Scanner

Instron tensile tester

Instron Tensile Tester

Hot liquid splash tester

Hot Liquid Splash Tester

Moisture management tester

Moisture Management Tester


Cone Calorimeter - ICPC

Electro-spinning setup

Electro-Spinning Setup

HandyScan Black 3D scanner

Handy Scan Black 3D Scanner

Hot liquid and steam tester

Hot Liquid & Steam Tester

Hydrostatic pressure tester

Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

Pressurized steam tester

Pressurized Steam Tester

Radiant protective performance tester

Sweat Stimulation

Sweating guarded hotplate

Sweating Guarded Hotplate



Sweating hand manikin computer program

Sweating Hand Manikin Computer Program

Thermal protective performance tester

Thermal Protective Performance Tester

Vertical burning tester

Vertical Burning Tester

Air permeability tester

Air Permeability Tester

Cone calorimeter

Cone Calorimeter

Artificial ageing tester (accelerated sunlight exposure)

Artificial Aging Tester

Wind tunnel and hand manikin

Wind Tunnel & Hand Manikin